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Most laptops (notebook computers) available use Lithium ion rechargeable batteries since they have a low weight and discharge slowly when not in use
The Dell Laser Printer is one of the best around in the market. However, many users complain about the numerous error codes they frequently receive. Here are some troubleshooting tips on fixing these errors effectively.
How to Fix Printer Error 55 : Internal Communication Problem. HP Printers and others have a lot of little basic bugs, but if you know how to deal with some of the more habitual problems you will make the printer your friendly companion to your tasks and projects.
Many of the common computer problems like the blue screen or slow computer are due to defective computer memory - Random Access Memory (RAM). Some of the problems can be fixed yourself but in a few cases you may have to either replace or upgrade the memory.
Computer power supply failures are common since the power supply gets heated during computer operations and the often plugging and unplugging of power cable
Since all computer components are connected on the motherboard, motherboard failures can difficult to troubleshoot. If the motherboard fails completely,no beeps will be heard, since the computer cannot perform a power on self test. Power supply fluctuations and spikes can damage the motherboard.