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Haven’t you noted that the most of our problems are rooted in our thinking, and that the majority of our troubles come from our past and current choices? If that’s true, aren’t we then in the position and even responsible for improving our lives in case we don’t want to wake up in the mornings, feel stress and/or are fed up of the same things every day? Basically, it’s up to us.
An article that gives an algorithm to apply to solve our bigger problems in life.
The effects of the failure can be observed, for example, on organization, processes, product or service, finances, marketing and sales. The causes can be related, for example, with strategic planning, implementation, management, control, human resources, absence of competitive intelligence and external factors like market dynamics or government regulations.
We are living in the society called civilized society. Here one has its very right to live with dignity and freedom of life style within the norms of the society. On the other hand he or she is equally responsible to contribute the best of efforts to make the others' life smooth and pleasant. Being the part of society reciprocity is necessary to make others realize that you deserve for good at the principle of do good have good.