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Teens are often clueless when it comes to building and maintaining healthy relationships (the only kind worth having). It's not their fault since no one is born with relationship smarts. As parents, it our responsibility to educate our tweens and teens about what is and is not appropriate behavior in the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Zone.
This article is well written by a licensed counselor and hypnotherapist who has specialized in hypnosis for over 10 years. It provides clarification about what hypnosis is and who can be hypnotized. It tells you why some are easily hypnotized and others less hypnotizable. It explains what hypnosis feels like. It shows you how to recognize what hypnosis looks like. It gives examples of the kinds of problems hypnosis works for.
An article that discusses deception in relationships
An article that states 3 inefficiencies in parenting and being a spouse and how to improve upon them.
An article that explains the reasons behind poor communication in marriage and two tips on how to improve it.
An article that explains 2 tips we can learn from the animal kingdom to help us in conflict resolution.
One of the must-dos of business is networking. The more contacts you have the, the higher your probability of converting some of them to customers, right? Ugh...sounds like work to me. But with a slightly different approach, networking can be both fun and rewarding.
The cultural differences often take us aback: they can be shocking, sometimes hilarious. Read some of the most contrasting everyday living moments in Russian culture. Also, follow the link to get informed on Russian bride scams.
An article that pinpoints the top 2 ways to cope with undesired social situations in a relationship.
An article that explains small things you may do that annoy your partner and how to keep your partner happy.