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Successful business owners are characteristically optimistic people who think toward the future and believe deeply that success is very near them. The ability and willingness to change their point of view under pressure, or when new information comes in is very important. This is also important as it is a necessity to eliminate the obstacles as they come and think of solutions for the problems when they occur.
Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow asked, “The key question isn’t ‘what fosters creativity?’ but it is why in God’s name isn’t everyone creative? Where was the human potential lost?” The birthright of the real self is creativity. How can we reclaim this?
From a business perspective, diversification stems from spreading sales across multiple product lines with several suppliers, and marketing to varying geographies. Small business owners whose net worth is concentrated in operations that consist of a small basket of product offerings or regional exposure must also prudently manage risk.
It is a article which tells how to secure your information systems.
If you have ever felt those demonic thoughts that swirl in our inner sanctum and resist giving way to the one thing that humans patently avoid.....changing their comfort zone? That is your risk zone.
A view of risk taking in an organization. Will this be a lost art?