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Rural banking had been introduced long since the establishment of the banking system in India. It is only recently that rural finance has grown to such proportions. Numerous finance options have come up along with investment instruments for the rural public. It is now easy for people in rural areas to invest small amounts in deposits and savings accounts. The next growth story is emerging in the rural India.
There is a difference between the investing and saving methods of rural and urban India. Rural credit corporations and banks have aided the rural sector in investments, while urban India invests in fixed deposits and mutual funds through mutual fund brokers. You need to be informed about the sort of risk-return ratio you are looking at.
The housing shortage in India is one of this country’s most pressing problems. This is especially true for those living in rural parts of the country; the majority of families live without proper shelter. As the depth of this problem is being realised, banks are making an effort to change the housing scenario and provide those in rural areas with the means to literally live a sheltered life.