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Admittedly it is very difficult to find modest clothing in most clothing outlets. This has given rise to the modest clothing industry. However, whether you wear modest or immodest clothing if you do not choose the right colors for you, your clothes will detract from your natural beauty. Although you cannot experience a professional color analysis from an article, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to assure that you choose the right colors when you add to your wardrobe.
Most women will not leave their house without some sort of make-up on. On the other hand, some women do not know the first thing when it comes to make-up and are intimidated by the many colors, styles, brands, and types of make-up that are out there today. This should help.
Surprisingly, our bodies radiate energy. Some of us refer to it as an aura. Our military uses special ultraviolet equipment to detect the field of energy, which surrounds the enemy during the dark of night. Dyed fabric emits an energy itself and when it interacts or is exposed to the right undertone in our skin, the effect is nothing less than astounding and can be detected with the human eye.