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If you are the linchpin in your organization keep reading. The LeBron James saga has faded, but critical lessons were left behind. This article exposes the other side of being the "go to" guy.
A little confidence is not a bad thing. That's just what every kid needs to perform well in every activity they do. How does your child gain confidence? By learning, progressing and mastering the things in which they participate. Let's use organized sports as an example.
Why I believe Larry Drew is the perfect coach for the Atlanta Hawks. Being a big Atlanta Hawks fan, I give my philsophy behind why Atlanta Hawks selecting Larry Drew is the logical choice for a team that aims to improve and be an NBA Championship Contender.
Dribbling may seem like a pretty basic skill, but it is absolutely essential to know and gain expertise at if you are going to be a good player. Basketball dribbling drills are the best way for athletes to master this skill. You have to be able to advance the court with the ball without the other team intercepting. There are a number of advanced techniques that make players pros on the court.
An article that explains the top 3 ways to strive for a healthy marriage.
An article on continuous learning. What stage of your life are you at your professional best?
For some, Super Bowl Sunday is a religious experience. For others it is a day of rest. For me, well I am confused...