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After losing our childhood naivety about the world, trying events will haunt us for the rest of our life. One must therefore build a strong emotional resilience muscle if they are to increase their ability to recover from all kind of bad feelings like pain, fear, grief, humiliation, depression and other whole bouquet of human suffering.
You have to manage your time and stop wishing for a few more hours in a day. That's not going to happen! Being in control of your time will also reduce stress, improve productivity and gain more trust from other people. So to keep things in time you have to manage your time.
Do you feel "tied up in knots"? Have you been pulling your hair out lately? Is your heart palpitating, skipping beats?
No one wants to look for trouble but when crisis does arrive, the only person qualified to beat them is YOU. Here are eight simple and effective ways to beat the crisis. Try them.
Stress; what is it? We can blame stress on a lot of things, but actually, stress is what your body experiences when you’re forced to deny what you want in favor of what you "must” do. Clearly, some stress is good, and some urges are better put aside. Experiencing the beauty of achievement after a long struggle, or the "thrill of the chase,” would be gone without stress. But then, there are other, destructive forms of stress too.
Some people go years from the time they recognize that they have a hearing problem to the time they inquire about a hearing aid. To keep the lines of communication open until a hearing aid is prescribed, Audiologist Dr. Stephen Glasser, Au.D offers these 7 tips for talking to the hard of hearing.
Sound wave is a kind of modern treatment which does not use any chemical or pharmaceutical drugs. Because it, many people choose this treatment as an alternative treatment to reduce stress.
An article that gives an algorithm to apply to solve our bigger problems in life.
An article that tells you the top 3 tips to process job loss in your marriage
An article that tells you the top 3 ways to not let others ruin your day.