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In you lifetime, you will get to a point where your gift brings you before kings and people of major influence in society. You may not enter the real palace but for the sake of this document, I will look at etiquette considerations when you are meeting someone significant e.g. your mentor, minister, chief etc. The principles I share with you today apply to the real palace when you meet a real king or when you meet an authority figure.
“Marperations™”, the unification, synergy, and integration of marketing and operations, has existed since the beginning of time; however, since we did not have a word for it, no MBA program has yet taught it. This term opens the door for the world of business to benefit from a cohesive system; one in which marketing and operations are two sides of the same coin, just as price and quality have become.
“What gets measured gets acted upon,” but very few stop to question whether or not they are using the right measures, and not just acting on any measure. In a previous article I introduced “Marperations” as the unification, synergy, and integration of marketing and operations. The Marperations measure must be focused on a brand’s overall success, and not just the success of one department.