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Another terrorist attack took place in the suburbs of Lahore. This is considered as 3 terrorist attack in Punjab during this month. After Sacking the X Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Mian M. Shahbaz Shareef so far three very high level terrorist incident took place which raise ...........
Pakistan's Long March represents more than a movement, it represents hopes for a stronger judiciary and the quest to stop Pakistan from becoming a failed state. But Pakistanis must stand together to stop the terrorism and put emotions aside. The Long March may have started on March 12th, 2009, but it will not end until the Judicial Branch of Pakistan is respected.
It seems that Al Qaeda, having thrown world superpower No. 2 out of Afghanistan, felt they could also try and throw out world superpower No. 1 from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
Taliban in Tribal Areas of Pakistan have announced a total ban on female education. Is is according to Islam?
Attacks on Mumbai likely to affect prospects of expanding Pakistan-India trade.
The war against Terror is in its full swing since American forces are using drones to target terrorists in the troublesome tribal areas of Pakistan. However, since 9/11, U.S hasn’t been very successful in locating terrorists especially Mr. Osama Bin Laden. The primary cause is gaps in communication between U.S forces, Pakistan Army and the local people – the major source of intel and information on the location of terrorists and their hideouts.
India is promoting terrorism since 80s in Sri Lanka by supporting Tamil Tigers.
The state of Politics in Pakistan is threatening to the international community. The greatest challenge is security, but the greater issue in creating greater security is corruption. Corruption by these Politicians in Pakistan only fuels terrorism. These politicians needs to be smart businessmen, if they want to be a businessmen. A smart businessman improves the quality of their product.
With the recent attacks in Mumbai, India, it is a reminder of why Terrorism is a Global Threat. The only way Terrorism will be defeated is when Pakistan and India come together to fight terrorism. But unity between Pakistan and India against terrorism is difficult to achieve.
India and Pakistan should understand and together must make a plan.