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You can create success by choosing thoughts that empower you. Thoughts are powerful, if nurtured, will determine your destiny.
There exists in the geographical literature one empirical anomaly that cannot sufficiently be explained by the existing theories, especially when viewed from the gender perspective.
Perhaps you didn't mean it literally, but have you ever caught yourself saying, "You're killing me" or "I'm dying to hear more" or "My job is killing me"? The words we say and think are effectively telling our brains how to react to people, things, and situations.
Not as excited anymore? Too Many MWAs? Maybe you should read this.
How do you typically define yourself? Do you tell yourself as well as others that you are disorganized, financially challenged or simply not good enough?
Encouraging words are extremely powerful. When you encourage somebody, you are giving them a gift of courage. It compels them to move forward, to achieve more in life than just the bare minimum. Knowing that somebody wants you to succeed, and tells you so, can give you the courage and the confidence to truly do so.