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You have to manage your time and stop wishing for a few more hours in a day. That's not going to happen! Being in control of your time will also reduce stress, improve productivity and gain more trust from other people. So to keep things in time you have to manage your time.
With the myriad of time management tools available today the simple list often gets overlooked and forgotten. This article reminds you of the power of a list and how it can help you manifest what you want in life.
A view on embracing your busy day. So Much To Do.... So Little Time
Addicted to your Black Berry? We laugh, trade stories about the crazy habits we have around our BlackBerrys - we keep it by our bedside, take it to the bathroom, and cannot resist checking it whenever a new message comes in.
Every evening I have my to-do list ready for the following day and in the office I have already prepared one for the next day.
Time management is essentially doing the right thing at the right time. Here are the 7 tips to manage your time effectively:
Most easy ways to do-it-yourself for Stress Management Techniques which includes easy tasks such as substantial breakfast daily, Regular sleeping habits (minimum of 7 hours) and No smoking.