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PHP stands for a recursive acronym 'PHP Hypertext PreProcessor'. Produced in 1995 it quickly caught up with mainstream scripting languages due to it’s widely accepted protocol.
Web Design can make or break a business. Big companies can afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for designing a website. However, these budgets are often beyond the reach of small businesses. This article explains you about the best web design practices.
PHP language is the most adopted scripting language nowadays used to design and develop website.
PHP is an open source, easy to grab and use, secure, speedy and reliable enough for developing web applications.
Different web technologies enable us to develop and create custom applications and add diverse functions to the web pages.
PSD to HTML, A process of converting design of photo shop file in to HTML code which will help full to you make your imagination live on web.
iPad, one of the most revolutionary gadgets of all time, performs any task in a fraction of second.
Content and Data base are the backbone of any IT company; hence these need to be protected very securely and safely.
Joomla, the free open source software is used widely and solely for Content Management System (CMS) on large websites and applications. Joomla has been so popular that since its inception it has been downloaded over 2 million times.
Buying and selling is a click away on Ecommerce websites! Ecommerce websites have made online shopping very popular in terms of hassle-free shopping with a wide range of items to choose from