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With built-in A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass, the Nokia N97 has 'social location' to automatically update social networks with real-time information
Following in the footsteps of its bigger, older brother, the Nokia N97 Mini still has 8GB of storage, a 3.2-inch touch screen display and a slide-out tilting QWERTY keyboard -- bundled into 14.2mm thin frame
The Nokia E63 is a QWERTY keyboard messaging phone designed for business users.
Are you getting tired of constantly searching for the remote control for your DVD player or TV? Do you want to minimize the amount of controls you must use to command the different electronics around your house?
How could you attend class and still pick up contact information of the people around you? There are lot more advantages of Bluetooth mobile social networking application. Get mobile phone application.
A new Bluetooth phone application or mobile application named RendezBlu allows you to build a mobile social network based on people you have come in close proximity to. Get mobile phone application.
Have you ever attended a business convention and were tied up talking to one person and lacked the time to approach more people. Rendezblu welcomes you to download mobile application or say Bluetooth application for mobile phone.
A summary of the G1 Google Phone folks thought, from different needs.
Unless you just came out of someplace deep in the Amazon forest the media coverage on the iPhone, more precisely, iPhone 3G is something that might have you saying "I'm sick of hearing about the iPhone." I have not been among the peoples standing in line waiting for either the new iPhone, or the greatly reduced price point for the older iPhone. And I just might change my mind. The reason for this is Google.