The Ancient Pharaohs of Egyptian Civilization

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The Ancient Egyptians described the River Nile as the giver of life to the Ancient Egypt because for more than 600 miles ,as  it nears the sea .it flows through desert.

Its annual floods made some of the most fertile land in the ancient world.As River Nile drained the land ,the Pharaohs of the Ancient Egypt incited life in the  valley.

The Pharaohs of Egypt played an important part in bringing glory to their country. Here is a list of those pharaohs who worked for the betterment of their people and land.

a) Menes b) Khufu c) Mentuhotep II d)  Hatshepsut


Menes united the northern (lower) and Southern (upper) kingdoms. He made efforts to look after the farmland so that it always produced enough to feed the people of the Egypt.


He was a Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. He ordered to build a tomb for himself .It is the only surviving wonder of the seven wonders of the Ancient World.

Mentuhotep II:

             He was a Pharaoh of middle kingdom .He re-united the country when it got split into two parts after civil war and famine.


     She was a female Pharaoh of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt .She had built a magnificent temple for herself which stands near the Valley of the Kings.  

  While studying the Egyptian Civilization, we divide them into the older kingdom, the middle kingdom, and the new kingdom.

 Due to wars Egypt was divided into two parts in the reign of upper kingdom. The pharaohs of this kingdom were unable to control the issues and thus the country was divided into two parts.

 The Pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom re-united the country.Senusret III conquered much of Nubia in a number of battles, and brought gold, silver and ivory which made Egypt richer.

In the era of old kingdom ,there came an influx of foreign people who got settled into different part of Egypt  and  started to reinforce themselves enough to threatened the Egyptians of their supremacy over land. At last, the  Hyksos, the people from Central Asia got controlled over later half of the country and made their capital at Avaris during 1700 -1600 BC.

However, the Egyptians were not to be taken for granted. Pharaohs Seqenerah, Kamose and Ahmose re-united the Egypt and drove the Hyksos out of the Avaris back into Asia. Then a period of glory commenced when Thutmose III defeated the king of Mitanni at Megiddo. He returned home with 894 chariots, 200 suits of armours, 2000 horses and 25000 other animals.

Ramesses II was famous of all the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. During his reign of more than 60 years, he had thousands of his statues, put up and built temples too, whose walls were covered with the stones of his great deeds, for which he praised himself highly. He also made a peace treaty with the Hittites which was the first in recorded history.

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