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Ronda town can seem quite imposing with the large looming mountains surrounding it. Its unique location on the sierra's isolated ridge gives the town a lot of drama with the El Tajo river gorge splitting it.
Elche is located close to the Mediterranean Sea specifically in the comarca of Valencia, Spain. It lies along the banks of the Vinalopo River which courses through Elche.
Tourist attractions in Spain differ from one part of the country to another giving a majority of tourists a trip that is well worth their money.
Spain has a lot of tourist attractions that are not necessarily the common ones such as those that depict the natural beauty of the country.
The Manilva gives tourists an opportunity to experience the traditional village life that the Spaniards used to live in before the onset of modernity.
Holidays in Spain are becoming more popular with both the affluent and the average income earners who flock to the town regularly while looking for a good time.
Playa de las Americas is a popular tourist destination and is particularly visited by those who love the warmth of the sun since it is one place that experiences more sunny days as compared to cold ones.
Spain has abundance of touristic places that every visitor interested in spending some time in the country will find amazing.
Known as the "City of Sails," Auckland, New Zealand is a popular vacation spot thanks to its beautiful beaches, delectable food, and endless opportunities for adventure.
Sitting prettily on the Port Philip Bay, Melbourne is a city of lights.