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La Laguna is famed for its status as a historic university town but do not belittle its serious connotation as it is quite lively with the large student population.
La Orotava is located barely 6km from the town of Puerto de la Cruz. This makes it very convenient to do a day trip from La Orotava to enjoy the bigger town’s offerings and coming back to La Orotava for a refreshing and quiet rest.
Dust from the thundering hooves of one million migrating wildebeest…sleeping in a furnished tent in the Tanzanian bush…snorkeling in the clear waters of Lake Tanganyika…the Tanzanian safari experience is exciting and exotic.
The one thing that makes a vacation destination worth the visit is the kinds of attractions it has for its visitors as well as the different experiences it is bound to offer.
Cordoba is one of many beautiful cities in Spain that are worth visiting and is declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
Whether you are visiting Spain for leisure or for the stunning landmarks, no one should leave Spain without trying out its famous Spas.
Bilabo is one of the cities of Spain which has witnessed great economic advancement. It is an industrialized city as well as the centre of attraction for tourists.
Corboda is also a heaven for the tourists. Corboda is the home for many buildings of historical and architectural importance. The city belongs to Andalusia province.
It is never the last time to Spain; visiting Spain for holiday or on business is like an addiction. You are drawn back to this wonderful country with its many fine offerings.
Segovia is an amazing quaint city which may be small but outstanding in many ways. It is strategically located on the rocky ridge of a mountain with mansions from the Golden Age.