The Enigma of the Irish Round Towers Part Three

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THE IRISH ROUND TOWERS - the key to an enigma. For more than forty years a top US scientist, Professor Philip Callahan has turned his mind to the enigma of the distinctive round towers of Ireland. His discovery, one of the most important this century, has huge implications for modern man. For these towers, built by monks in the 6th and 7th Centuries are no less than radio antennae.

Natural radio receivers

Could there have been any other purpose than this star map to the construction of Round Towers? Above all the Celts were a practical people and to undertake this huge effort just to demonstrate an esoteric knowledge seems unthinkable.

The tower on Devenish island, similar to many others, is a finely jointed structure of sandstone. It is 25 meters high and has a base circumference of 15.14 meters. In the fifth (and top) floor are four square-headed windows facing east-northeast, south-southeast, west southwest and north-northwest. The lower four floors each have either one or two windows facing in various directions. The doorway is approximately three meters above the ground.

Callahan found that all the round towers were made of paramagnetic stone, that is stone that resonates positively in a magnetic field. He also noticed that all these towers were to be found in diamagnetic areas - areas of much weaker and opposite, negative susceptibility.

 It was Michael Faraday and John Tyndall who discovered these very subtle forces of paramagnetism and diamagnetism.

"Strangely enough, although physicists have spent years measuring these energies, and utilizing them to explain theoretical atomic forces, nowhere in the scientific literature has anyone, chemist, physicist, or biologist, asked what do these two opposite forces mean to life? Like Mark Twain once said "everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." "

In 1956 Callahan discovered that moths were not attracted to visible light, but rather to the infrared emission from scent molecules that became coherent 'peaks' or resonant radiation when they hit the moths' vibrating antenna. Moths navigate by molecular radio laser or MASER technology. 

It was the antenna with all its hundreds of strange shaped spines (called sensilla) that was doing the work by feeling the radiation. So, for example, the reason why moths spiral rather than fly direct into a light source, is that different parts of the sensilla pick up slightly different wavelengths of the emission the closer they approach the source.

Callahan's breakthrough came quite suddenly and totally unexpectedly.

"I was just admiring how clever the builders were to make a tower that had a very slight taper of three degrees. Then it dawned on me how similar these towers looked to certain insect antenna. It was a complete revelation."

Obviously round towers are not conventional antennae. They are in fact built of limestone, mica schist or sandstone blocks and are therefore closer to silicon semiconductors than to metallic conductors. As the towers have dielectric (insulative) properties, they act as DC rectifiers and are able to detect and store incoming cosmic electromagnetic/magnetic energy.

The physics of dielectric systems is extremely complex. However they can be formed into tubular or rectangular waveguides to collect and direct energy in the same manner as a metallic radio or TV antenna. Since round towers are of the order of meters in length, they must be, according to Callahan, collectors of cosmic radio waves or magnetic energy of a few meters magnitude.

Using a scale model of a round tower, made from paramagnetic carborundum paper and placed in a high frequency oscillator called a Klystron, Callahan showed that the model actually increased (amplified) the radio energy from 6 dB to 9 dB. In another experiment it also detected differences in radiation at night and from the sun.

One of the most controversial questions concerning these towers is the usual high placement of the doors, with varying amounts of infill inside - up to door level. Historians who have attempted an explanation have cited the need for defence. But round towers are indefensible and not large enough to withstand a protracted siege. If the towers are viewed as antennae then the infill can be seen as a way the monks could fine-tune the tower to assure sharp resonance.

That the monks could detect this energy seems, from the perspective of a high-tech society, incredible. But all they were doing was tuning into nature; using their bodies as antennae, feeling the energy. In a further experiment a model of the Turlough round tower was soaked in a diamagnetic solution of Epsom salts and then allowed to dry naturally. Thin force lines spaced evenly at one millimetre appeared up the tower. On the conical roof at the top the force line spiralled up to the point. At certain heights up the tower the force lines became much thicker bands. These correlate precisely with the floor levels in the actual tower.

Natural energy for health and soil fertility

So where is the energy coming from and how do we utilise it? Energy has been detected from three sources: the night sky, the sun and lightning.

The night sky

The towers are aligned with the stars of the night sky at the winter solstice and we know that cosmic microwave radiation at 14.6 metre wavelengths is emitted from that region of the universe.

The sun

The towers also pick up particles of energy that are separated by sun-flare activity into North and South magnetic poles. At this temperature magnetic poles are torn apart and then stay apart until they become adsorbed*. South 'monopoles' (S) are adsorbed by paramagnetic stone and soil and North monopoles (N) by plants, just like a battery. Oxygen also stores South monopoles, it is the most paramagnetic of gases. Most organic or diamagnetic substances store North monopoles.

*Adsorbed - molecules stick to the surface

Over the eons the charge trickles out. The South monopoles in the soil meet the North monopoles of seeds or roots, and with the catalyst of nitrogen and water set growth and photosynthesis on their way. It is the fundamental force behind nature. Round towers then act as stone antennae to collect many more South magneto-electric monopoles than the surrounding soil. They release these monopoles so stimulating better growth in crops around their base. A small model round tower placed in the centre of a non paramagnetic plastic flower pot with seedling radishes planted around the base of the tower will stimulate the seedlings to grow many more fine rootlets than a pot with the same soil but no central round tower. Already a farmer in the north of England is using round tower technology and getting significant increases in crop yield.


The third source of energy is from lightning. There are over 4000 strikes a minute around the world and these set up a very high frequency standing wave of 60,000 Hertz (cycles/sec) in the atmosphere. Callahan has shown that the towers reduce this frequency to various lower frequencies which we can use. The amplification factor or strength of signal is between 150 to 200 times the energy outside. The lowest frequency he has discovered is around 8Hz a minute. Recent American medical research has found this frequency in human bodies and has termed it the primary respiratory function. It is vital to our existence.

There are ELF radio frequencies in the 4 -14 Hz range, or brain - wave region. During meditation our brains emit waves around 8Hz/sec, so these towers would enhance the ability of monks to meditate. These frequencies also have anti-infectious properties.

Frequencies are also found around 2,000 Hz - the electric anaesthesia region - and around 250 Khz the region for electronic heat induction. In the 1920's some dentists in America were using machines to generate 2,000 Hz for dental extraction. Research in Poland in 1986 shows these types of radiation enhance the auto-immune system and reduce pain. In other words the towers aid healing and praying and, with the presence of crude sheila-na-gigs depicting women in labour, are quite possibly places where women would go to reduce their birth pains.

According to the Head of the International Institute for Biophysics, Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, "Professor Callahan's discovery concerning the Irish round towers is one of the most important discoveries of the century. The low-energy implications for our health, well-being and nutrition are far reaching."

to be continued.

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