Disney Hollywood Studios Ride: Toy Story Mania!

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Disney's Toy Story Mania opened June 01 to the public!. Inspired by the Disney-Pixar animated film Toy Story, this ride features 3-D technology to help you on your interactive ride through a video game.

You will score points by launching darts at balloons, throwing eggs at barnyard targets, and tossing rings at aliens. Upon arriving at the ride, you will see oversized Green Army men, crayons, barrel of monkeys, and Tinker toys. You will retrieve your 3-D glasses from a stand constructed of Lincoln Logs

Ride Experience:
As you enter the queue area for the ride, you will be entertained by a 5ft tall Mr. Potato Head (voice by Don Rickles), who's jokes are family friendly. Once inside you will board your vehicle for your ride through this carnival like adventure.

Once you are shrunk to toy size (if only by imagination), you will encounter characters from the Toy Story movies, such as Woody, Ham, and Bo Peep. The games are based on the characters, like an egg toss called: Hamm n' Eggs, or Bo Peeps balloon pop. You will also have fun in Woody's shooting gallery.

Just like at a good old fashioned carnival you will have different targets worth different points. You can aim at plates, ducks, trees, etc. and if you hit a water balloon you may even get sprayed with the water. Every person in the vehicle will have their own spring action shooter. You will be able to see the digital projectile coming from your own shooter and hitting the targets. This will help you to know how many targets you have hit on your own. It is never the same experience twice, so you should consider riding this attraction over and over again. I arrived at 9:15 and already there was an hour wait.

What Disney Says:
Beginning this summer, you can step right up and compete in an interactive "Toy Story" adventure like no other. It's Toy Story Mania!- a brand-new attraction inspired by Disney Pixar's "Toy Story" films.

You'll grab some 3-D glasses before boarding your ride vehicle and zipping off into a world of immersive, midway-style games. Highlights include the following:

• Games are hosted by favorite characters including Woody, Buzz, Rex and Hamm!

• Your spring-action shooter will launch darts at balloons, rings at aliens, eggs at barnyard targets and more!

• Certain targets trigger fun surprises.

• You can compete for the high score.

• It's never the same experience twice and is another great reason to visit during The Year of a Million Dreams!

• Learn even more about this exciting, fun-filled attraction and get a behind-the-scenes look at its creation. Check it out at ToyStoryMania.com!
Source: Disney World

Notes, Tips and/or Facts:
Arrive early, do not stop for anything, go directly to Toy Story for a Fast Pass.

Authors Comments:
Toy Story Mania! merges gaming and storytelling to create an entirely new, multi-layered experience. Guests play energetic, midway-style games as their favorite Toy Story characters cheer them on and shout out helpful hints.


Toy Story Mania

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