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Also known as the Venice of the North, Stockholm boasts of its fresh air and water resources, amazing parks with lush green trees and a wide variety of plants and flowers, impressive buildings and architecture such as the Gamla Town or the Old Town, which retained its medieval architecture as well as the Royal Swedish Opera and the Tower of Soder.
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Holidays are terrific escapes from the familiarity of everyday life. A vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing, and to achieve that, it always helps if you have plans A and B to maintain the spontaneity.
Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. It provides a vast array of tourist attractions from the arts, shopping, dining, music, entertainment and even environmental and historical sightseeing, Copenhagen has something for everyone.
Famous for its historic canals, oldest stock exchange, museums, the red-light district and cannabis coffee shops, Amsterdam gathers a lot of tourists throughout the year. The city is located at North Holland and the west of Netherlands.
Surrounded by the island of Zealand and the island of Amager as well as a number of natural and artificial islets, Copenhagen boasts of its rich culture, amazing infrastructure and architecture, clean environment, several parks and beach spots.
Stockholm, Sweden's capital and also the largest city of Sweden, attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city is rustic, charming and very metropolitan; it has great shopping, great food, very lively nightlife, a rich cultural heritage and a vast selection of Stockholm Hotels that you can choose from.
Everyone who skis knows that when it comes to the perfect ski vacation nowhere else in the country can match Vail, Colorado.
With origins that can be traced back to the early 80s, boutique hotels gradually make their way to the top of travelers’ choices of accommodation. Considering their aim of creating a “unique hotel experience” in the guests and the way they operate so as to achieve this aim, this success comes as no surprise.
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