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The promise of laying out on the gorgeous beaches and being able to party in the city at night make Rio de Janeiro, or simply "Rio," a popular vacation destination.
Amsterdam certainly has a reputation among travelers, and because it is the capital of the Netherlands.
Because it was once a British colony, Hong Kong has developed a one-of-a-kind personality.
A first time applicant must apply in person. The most common place to apply is at the United States post office. Everything required can be broken down into six basic items.
Everyone knows Italy for it's cities of historical significance, such as Rome. Milan is another beautiful city in Italy, but it's more modern than cities like Rome, as it's a hub for finance, fashion, and Italian culture in general.
As one of the biggest cities in the world and the capital of Mexico, Mexico City is world-renowned for the vibrant cultural atmosphere.
Sydney, the oldest city in Australia, is a stylish metropolitan city as well as a hub for culture, art, fashion, food and more.
Notorious for its out-of-control nightlife scene and its the sleepless city ambiance and respected for the spattering of stunningly detailed palaces and temples, Bangkok, the capital and largest city of Thailand, offers a vacation experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.
When one thinks of Moscow, its easy to imagine tall domes and spires jutting into the sky.
Dublin exudes history and culture, and if you are interested in these things, consider paying a visit to Ireland's capital city. Dublin has been populated for many, many years, and really experienced its growth spurt in the 17th century.