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Tarifa was a very quiet village in Spain until 1980s when it spread beyond the Moorish walls with an unusually high suicide rate.
This city is within the jurisdiction of Castile province. Salamanca is known for its historical buildings, parks, museums, palaces and universities.
Spanish is one of the most spoken languages of the world. For the same reasons it has been taught at various institutions all over the world.
El Rocio is a small village that is situated at the salt flat lands’ northwestern tip. These salt flat lands are commonly known as marismas. You will spot many white cottages lining up at El Rocio with a church stockade that features the famous southern pilgrimage-fair at Pentecost annually.
Osuna is like the towns of Écija and Carmona which may be small but great for exploration at Andalucia. It offers a slower pace of life while still allowing an adventure in its own unique way.
There are four important fishing villages in the Basque country, which are Bermeo and Lekeitio.
Spain is situated in Europe with its majestic capital, Madrid, at its central region. Spain comprises four regions: North (El norte), South (El sur), East (El este) and Central (Centro-Meseta).
costa de Maresme, which has a reference as the “swamp coast”, is located towards the north of the city Barcelona.
Palma is the capital of the city Mallorca and the islands of the Balearic and is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and its cathedral.
Spain is well known for its royal heritage that has transcended into the modern era but with less influence than it had in the previous years.