Disney World Magic Kingdom - The Enchanted Tiki Room

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The Enchanted Tiki Room ? Under New Management is a rework from the original 1971 Audio-Animatronics musical show.

The outside is like a tropical setting with a waterfall in the waiting area with two funny birds who talk to you. When you enter you will sit on a bench surrounded by tropical scenery. Then all kinds of beautiful birds, including some posted along the wall, will sing to you and make you laugh. Also, will see the famous parrot from the movie Aladdin, and yes, he sure does have the famous voice you won't forget.

Cast Members
Morris: Voice by Phil Hartman
William: Voice by Don Rickles
Iago: Voice by Gilbert Gottfried
Zazu: Voice by Michael Gough
Jose: Voice by Wally Boag
Michael: Voice by Fulton Burley
Fritz: Voice by Thurl Ravenscroft
Pierre: Voice by Jerry Orbach
Uh-oa: Voice by Armelia McQueen
250 Bird voices by A. Purvis Pullen

Your Host José is Hispanic, with Pierre who is French, Michael who is Irish, and Fritz who is German.
Songs Include: "Friends Like Me," "Conga," "Hot Hot Hot," and "In the Still of the Night."

Listen for some of the silly bird blurbs: Birdcage, cuckoo, bird's eye, tail feathers, Big Bird, birdbrain, superstar, chickie babe, grousing, status crow, fly this coop, migrate back, and Mighty Ducks in the wings.

Ride Experience:
My kids loved it, especially when they saw the famous parrot from the movie. I really enjoyed the scenery and the birds singing to everyone. It was very colorful and kept me very entertained. It felt like I was in a tropical hideaway.

The three-minute preshow starts with an argument between two show stars, William and Morris, as to who actually owns the theater and ends with a three-minute post show with a few wisecracking comments. Stick around for the post show if you can. It's worth it.

As you enter the Polynesian-style building, complete with torches, bamboo beams, tapa-bark murals, talking Tiki poles and a thatched roof, you will be amazed at the splendor of this attraction.

The female birds who sing in the Enchanted Tiki Room are named:

1. Collette,
2. Fifi,
3. Gigi,
4. Josephine,
5. Mimi, and
6. Susette

B. Enchanted Tiki Room Tiki Room Gods and Goddesses are as follows:

7. Maui - Roped the playful son and brought his people time
8. Koro - The Midnight Dancer
9. Tongaroa-Ru - Goddess of the East Wind
10. Pele - Goddess of Fire and Volcano
11. Hina Kuluna - Goddess of Rain

C. Negendei - The Earth Balancer
D. Rongo - God of Agriculture
E. Tongaroa - Father of all Gods & Goddesses

What Disney Says:
"Join your 'fowl' hosts: ‘Aladdin's' loud-mouthed parrot Iago and Zazu, the upright hornbill from ‘The Lion King.' They pair up to inject some hipness into the Tiki Room stage show famous for its sweet serenading. Enjoy new surprises and fun in the ‘tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room!'"
Source: Disney World

Notes, Tips and/or Facts:
The Tiki gods that can be seen in and around the showroom are fashioned after the mythological Tiki gods of the Polynesian Islands - particularly Hawaii, Fiji, Tonga, and the Cook Islands. Listen for Iago singing a whole new version of the smash hit "Friend Like Me" from Disney's movie "Aladdin."

Author's Comments:
Toward the end of the show there will be lightning, thunder and darkness, so prepare kids under two years of age. To see the whole script visit:
Source: aol.com

For more details on the The Enchanted Tiki Room Visit:
Source: waltdisneyworlddreams Blog

A. Purvis Pullen was an amazing imitator of a variety of sounds. At one time he listed among his repertoire 300 bird sounds, over 700 other animal sounds, along with different bangs, whistles, bumps, and other audio sounds.

Source: Answers.com 

Bruce Moran

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