Disney World Magic Kingdom - The Haunted Mansion

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The Haunted Mansion, which is located in Liberty Square, tells the story of Master Gracey, who is the owner of the mansion, and his soon-to-be bride. On the eve of their wedding, the bride-to-be is murdered by Master Gracey. Master Gracey is so distraught by this that he ends up hanging himself. There are many different stories, so the best thing to do is make-up your own after you complete the tour. You start the ride on Doom Buggies to travel through the house and graveyard.

Take a ride in a Disney Doom Buggy with your favorite hitchhiking ghosts. With the new Imagineering technology and its eye for detail you are in for an old and new favorite at MAGIC KINGDOM. The detailed visual effects have been enhanced with today's technology to the point where some will believe they are actually riding with a ghost.

Disney actually creates dust for this attraction and makes their own Disney-enhanced detailed cobwebs. Keeping the mansion's selection of 200+ knickknacks, rugs, harps, chairs, and trunks dusty is a dirty job but some ghost must do it.

It's a great ride. However, I am hearing that some scenes have been taken out and new ones put in. With the new technology that has been added it's a great ride.
The Disney Haunted Mansion movie is the basis of this attraction. Haunted Manson was closed for a year, refurbished and reopened in September 2007.

Ride Experience:
You will start your ride experience at the entrance to the attraction. Pay close attention to the invisible horse-drawn hearse without a body. You will first meet a non-smiling ghoulish cast member giving directions.

Boo is the word of the day as you slowly ride a conveyor belt in your "Doom Buggy" from parlor to attic, past a ghostly banquet hall, and around a spirited ball room. View the crystal ball with the ghostly talking head, wall paper with eyes, an alive suit of armor, graveyard filled with tombstones, and a pet cemetery.

This is real chilling fun. You will hear more "Oh look at" exclamations than screams from the adults the casual humor in this ride. Make yourself at home in the house of 999 happy haunts, where there's "always room for one more." Inside, hop on a Doom Buggy to get in the "spirit" of things. Experience the stretching room, the séance and hitchhiking ghosts in this Disney classic.

The Haunted Mansion is not only a visual effects eye opener (like a floating chandelier) but an awesome Audio experience as well. Listen to the spooky music, eerie howling, mysterious screams, moans, groans, and creepy voices from behind the lifelike doors, bangs, thumps, knocks, thuds, and things that go bump in the night.

What Disney Says:
"Discover an enhanced Disney classic that's more haunting than ever! Make yourself at "tomb sweet tomb" as you hop aboard a Doom Buggy with your ghost host and encounter new spine-tingling terrors. Experience the stretching room, the séance, and meet hitchhiking ghouls as you make your way through a mansion with some scary surprises!

Dare to ride through the most haunted mansion ever with a ghost host, ghouls galore - and some ghastly new surprises!"
source: Disney World

Tips and/or Facts:
As you enter and exit the mansion, don't miss the hilarious inscriptions on the tombstones.
The Haunted Mansion received the 2004 Disney Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Favorite Walt Disney World® Attraction. It is certainly a place for wondering, "How'd they ever do that"?

While you are waiting for your FASTPASS® time take in a show at the nearby Hall of Presidents or Country Bear Jamboree.

Author's Comments:
I will never get bored with riding the best "dark" ride at Disney. Every time I ride it, I notice something different. People who have ridden it in the past will enjoy the new changes the ride has to offer. This ride is a must for anyone, young and old, to experience. And be sure to keep an eye out for Hidden Mickeys.

Look for the dog skeleton. Note where you found it!
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride died in 1998. Where O' Where is Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad's tombstone?

Autograph and Photos
Ghost Host:

Joe Frankoski


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