Get your Accessories in Line with a Versatile Handbag Organizer

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Sheer genius is the best way to describe JoAnn Huth's Transfer Bag.

Like most women, JoAnn Huth, a native of New York, used to plow through her purse in search of some object. She knew where it had been located the day before - but when she switched purses the next day, everything suddenly found a new home and she was back to searching again.

It would be fine if she used the same purse every day, but she didn't. JoAnn, like many women, switched up purses depending on her outfit and where she was going.

To solve this problem, JoAnn designed the Transfer Bag, which is like an unadorned clutch purse with lots of elastic pockets and zippered compartments to hold all your necessities - from your cell phone to your wallet, from your make-up to your keys. This well-designed clutch has a built-in handle or attachable handle that makes it easy to transfer your belongings from one bag to the other. And the transfer bag is designed in several sizes and styles, so you can find one to fit just about any purse in your collection.

After first designing the Transfer Bag, JoAnn thought she was onto something smart. She took her product to a trade show in New York and sold 300 bags in the first three hours. By day two, she had sold another 400.

Today, JoAnn is president of JoAnn Huth Collection and Accessories by JoAnn Huth. She works with her daughter, Jen Rubinetti.

Classic Transfer Bag

The Classic Transfer Bag is the one that started this trend. It is designed for women who need a place for everything in their purses. Once you have a home for something in your Classic Transfer Bag, you will always be able to find it - no matter which purse you are carrying. The Classic Transfer Bag measures 9 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches high by 2 inches deep. It comes in several fashionable styles, each one with inner and outer elasticized pockets, a key loop, zipper pouch for cosmetics and a detachable strap. (The strap is offered in case you want to carry the Transfer Bag as a standalone purse. They are certainly attractive enough.)

This model is available in several shades, including the black and brown satin model, black dragonfly, taupe dragonfly, leopard print, red or black solid, or black with embroidered beetles.

Handle It Transfer Bag

The Handle It Transfer Bag has pockets inside and out to help you stay organized. It also has a zippered cosmetic pouch so you'll know where to find your make-up. Its built-in, dual handles let your use this as a clutch bag. With its 46-inch shoulder strap, you can also wear this bag on its own or tucked inside your regular purse. It measures 9½ inches wide, 6 inches high and 2 inches deep.

Big Timer Transfer Bag

Big Timer Transfer Bags are for those women who are accused of carrying their lives in their purses. They have even more organized space - more pockets and spaces - than the smaller models, including several side pockets, a zippered pouch and pockets. The Big Timer Transfer Bag measures 10 inches wide by 8 inches high by 2 inches deep.

The Big Timer Transfer Bag is available in faux black leather, taupe microfiber embroidered with dragonflies, a brightly striped model and a faux leather print. The Big Timer is also available in genuine leather - including copper, lambskin leather, black leather and pewter lambskin leather.

Teeny Transfer

Teeny Transfer bags fit into a smaller handbag, or can be tucked inside other bags you carry, such as a computer bag or briefcase. Measuring 8½ inches high by 8½ inches wide by 1½ inches deep, the Teeny Transfer bags have adequate pockets and spaces for the basic necessities. This model is available in taupe, black or embroidered with dragonflies. The same model is also available in a leather model, both in pewter leather and copper leather.

Mommy Transfer Bags

The Mommy Transfer Bag is for the woman who carries a lot in her purse and wants to switch it up - easily and often. It measures 9½ inches wide by 6 inches high and 2 inches deep. You can use this bag to switch from gym bag to diaper bag, and never miss a step. It is available in Classic Mommy pink stripe and Classic Mommy blue stripe.

Other Solutions

Most of JoAnn Huth's career has been an attempt to solve life's little, but challenging problems. Just like women were tired of switching up handbags, there are other annoyances. For example, JoAnn set out to solve the problem of not having your eyeglasses at hand when you want them. Her Eye Glass Slippers are attractive necklaces that double as eyeglass holders, keeping your spectacles close when you need them.

Make your life a little bit easier and find the perfect handbag organizer now.

John Perez is a freelance writer who writes about fashion, apparel, and handbags.


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