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1. Angels
A Creative Writer

Want to know me? Come and live with me.

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2. Fahad Imran

Fahad Imran is a student and is a member of Palimentary Debates.

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3. David Osborne
TRCB - Member Profile - David Osborne
Barrister Bard

David Osborne is a successful barrister, voice actor, author, media personality and public performer.  In 1991 he hit the headlines nationwide and made legal history when he delivered his final speech to the jury entirely in verse.  For this tour de force he was dubbed the Barrister Bard.

He followed this with the publication of a short humorous book on advocacy entitled No Holds Barred written under the pseudonym of Ivor Bigg-Wigg QC.  His latest book Toby Potts in the Temple of Gloom is currently available on Amazon.

He has appeared on television and radio, most recently on BBCTV, Sky News and RTE, and has written numerous articles of topical legal interest for the press and various journals.  Go to to read a selection.

He has also written and presented two legal revues, both to full houses.  An excerpt from one of his live performances can be viewed on his website: and clicking on ‘Theatre’.  He is an accomplished keynote and after dinner speaker. 

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4. Talaat Sengab
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